I Worship The Air I Breathe
I worship the air I breathe
It fills my lungs and courses through my veins
Spilling life among my parts.
At times vibrant and rambunctious
I barely contain its ruckus.
Other times it hangs heavy in the room
Icky sweet and bitter hewn,
Coating like molasses, dripping melancholy
I worship the air my loved one breathes
Let me lie down awhile among her;
And ease the burdens from my eyes
The churn of everyday pass through here
Sometimes heavy, sometimes a song
We share the sword that slays the dragon
And drink the wine and dirt of our labor;
As we stumble among the flowers and the bramble
I worship the air of my mother and father…
And their mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers, and theirs and theirs…
I know so little of them each, further and further of my being;
Yet they are the cradle of my destiny,
Their sweat and heartache, love and loss
Branded in every corner of my fiber
I am here to add to the fabric of their hopes and fears
I myself am but a thread among the blanket of family
I worship the air my children breathe
I am ever reborn among their toil and laughter
I cannot comprehend their magnificence,
Each expression a jubilation that animates life
I bear witness to their miracles.
In awe, words fail me greatly
When I pass among their wisdom and their favor
Secrets are revealed, they have set me free
I worship the air my brothers and sisters breathe
My partners here and now, and forever.
I want for you and your families to be well.
Stout in yourself, brave in bearing your gifts
To share the air, our time and place,
Eschew the veil and be together
So we may make our way
Carrying the seeds of time
I worship the air billons of strangers breathe
Their breath is also the breath belonging to me
Stinging and cleansed among the tidal mass,
sharing our common moment
Building and tearing down, collective gulp and gasp
We are one among the wild together, the thrashing of time
But so long at war within; each hurt, to all we bleed;
We have such a very long journey ahead
Carried in spite of ourselves by the solemn, sacred breath
I worship the air that every breath brings
That entices and bursts upon my being
Bringing nourishment and bounty
And sorrow and joy
Each breath I take is my very last…
Until it’s not! I am renewed`
And upon each breath taken
Yesterday created, and tomorrow lost.
Dave Cadaqu (c)

Not in the 2nd Amendment, not anywhere


People need to get that straight
Some days are an ice cream Sundae; 
Others, a mouthful of ocean.
So many make no mark at all, 
Rung up and forgotten.

The mirror speaks to me of someone long ago, 
A guy I know, from when the clock stopped, 
Still seeking tomorrow just ahead
Invisible to passerby's.

I would yell to them, no wait! 
I've seen him not long ago.
It was only yesterday I went with him
Out to play, then to school, then looking for love.

If it's true that we travel far
Where do we go and what for? 
How do we know we don't tread water
Then quietly disappear? 

These currents do not trouble me
I've been here before
And may pass here again
Though I expect not to know. 
Dave Cadaqu (c) 
I Am Born To Build A House
I am born to build a house.
Wind whips cross my prairie.
I am fortunate to be sheltered in arms.
Some gave me a foundation
From the living art.
It has holes, worn from ages.
Walls and roof I quickly raise
I have windows and a door
(maybe more…)
I look out my window at nightness.
Standing in my doorway I am scarred
By the whipsaw wind
Some venture beyond their door;
I’ve seen them falter
Just beyond view – I know it.
I have seen not very far,
Battered and bathed,
in the wanting and the waiting.
Dave cadqu (c)
The Quotable Cadaqu
One must fully embrace equality for all before one can fight inequality for anyone. Feb 2019

​Always question the mirror. Feb 2019

The very best a person can bestow the world is a loved child. Jan, 2019

We need a new value system away from accumulated wealth as a measure of success and towards caring for people and the planet as the meaning of success. 9/2018

Each life is a treasure hunt where the treasure to find is oneself 7/2018

Nature LOVES diversity!. It is how naturee makes things better, smarter, stronger, more beautiful 7/2018

How does one get forgiveness for the unforgivable? (referring to racist lynchings and treament of Blacks in America) 4/2018

Equality doesn’t mean everyone is the same; it means everyone is treated the same. 4/2018

You have to stop moving backward before you can move forward. 4/2018

you cannot defeat evil by becoming evil, 2/2017

On the power of the 1%: you change the dynamic only when you stop playing in their sandbox. 12/2016

Speaking facts with people who only can think in slogans is a waste of time. 7/2016

​Politics is not about your favorite pol winning, its about keeping the worst candidate away from the power. 7/2016

The right to vote is not just a right, it's also an obligation: an obligation to be informed and an obligation to vote. 6/2016

​Corporation is a construct for the owners and senior managers to promote illegal and immoral activities without being held accountable. 6/2016

There is nothing so foul as a person or people with the ability to help others, that won't. 3/2016

​democracy is rule by consensus and compromise, which by definition means no one is happy if it's working correctly 2/2016

The Fundamental Constraint is Violence:

A civilized being is repulsed by violence.
An uncivilized being gravitates to it.
Violence then is a force
For each to reckon

Great Love
Great Love…
Selflessly given
Is Love that can be taken for granted
But for its greatness,
If there was any such a thing as a “responsible gun owner”
If there was any such a thing as a “responsible gun owner”,
They would be first in line supporting gun regulation.
Who better to know how easy the instant devastation
Of guns in the wrong hands?
If there was any such a thing as a “responsible gun owner”,
They would be first to denounce the inanity of arming everyone.
Who better to know not everyone should have a gun;
That a society where no one is safe from the person next to them,
Because any little thing could trigger the unwise use of their guns,
Is not a society worth having.
If there was any such a thing as a “responsible gun owner”,
They more than anyone would want to make sure
That everyone with a gun was well trained in its use;
That every gun owner was committed to safe handling and storage.
They more than anyone would support technology to ensure
No one but them could use their guns.
If there was any such a thing as a “responsible gun owner”,
They more than anyone would denounce today’s NRA leadership
As posers & deceivers, interested only in the promotion of gun & ammunition sales.
They would denounce the NRA’s purchase of political inaction,
And their stifling of research and information people need to make informed choices
About the safe ownership and use of personal firearms.
If there was any such a thing as a “responsible gun owner”,
They would want an America safe for everyone, all the time.
They would believe in the Constitution’s promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
For everyone, not just gun owners…
In the parks, in the supermarkets, in the schools, in homes, businesses, houses of worship, freedom from fear of guns, everywhere.
They would want to make sure only qualified tested, trained, and registered people had guns.
If there was any such a thing as a “responsible gun owner”,
America today would be a very different place.
America is waiting for a “responsible gun owner” step up, just one.
To join everyone else in stopping the unnecessary carnage from unregulated gun proliferation.
America shattered

Terror cannot be fought with terror.
I do not recognize the faces on the streets
I see pride in destruction, it is in the headlines
Who are these people that could be so hollow?
They anger me.

Home of the free, land of the brave?
I don’t see it. I see: 
‘Home of the cowering, land of the depraved’?
Cowards with guns, cowards with self-lies, cowards afraid of equality
Scapegoating the weak, kicking them while down,
What is this?
How are these the actions of a strong and decent people?

This is not my America, the one I was told
The land of ‘work hard and get ahead’
Face every challenge head on, respecting differences.
I cannot countenance, unbridled self-righteousness.
I cannot accept violence as the only recourse
What has happened to…
“all men are created equal”?

America of the industrious, the earnest, the brave

Where have they gone, why have they left?
Was it just a dream?


Great Love is…
Love that can be taken for granted
But isn’t,
For its greatness